Brian Coia

Hi, I’m Brian!

I’ve tinkered with computer hardware and software for most of my life. Since graduating with a Computer Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 2014 (with a minor in Web Development), I dove headfirst into a career as a web developer.

I’m currently working at a Fangamer as a Web Developer. I work on the Shopify front-end and various intranet tools and applications, largely developed in Ruby and modern JavaScript.

For fun, I manage game servers and stream myself playing games for the internet. I have been known to bring the ‘Mania to popular gaming site Giant Bomb. I play dumb games psuedo-competitively; for example, I am the Fun and Games Champion of Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 10. I occasionally stream on Twitch.

Contact me:

  • @bcoia: For business inquiries and coding stuff.
  • @redcoin: If you have strong opinions about video games that you want to get off your chest.
  • Email me: If you don’t like Twitter.