This site is now a static site generated by Hugo.

I wanted a low-maintenance portfolio and blog. I also didn’t want to deal with PHP, a CMS, or.. any part of my old stack, really.

Out with the old

My old site was a semi-custom CMS built using Kirby. Kirby is fantastic for what it is: a NoSQL, file-based PHP platform for creating your own CMS-backed dynamic sites. It has flexible template and shortcode systems that rival much more established CMS applications.

However, for the purposes of this site, Kirby was overkill. I don’t need dynamic pages and I had no interest in customizing the CMS back-end for myself.

.. And in with the (new/old?)

Static site generators have been making a comeback. They are much more powerful than ever before. And they’re much easier to keep secure and under version control.

I looked at Jekyll, Octopress, Cactus, and probably a few others of the hundreds of open source static site generators currently available. Hugo was the fastest, easiest and most actively-developed static site generator I found. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to play around with Go.

My theme is based on the fantastic Ghostwriter theme, ported from Ghost. I made a variety of tweaks to make it more readable and modern, in my opinion. I may publish this theme as a fork eventually.

I followed this guide to set up auto-deployment using Travis CI to my VPS. Every time I commit to my repo’s master branch, the site is automatically redeployed securely via SSH.

Overall, I’m enjoying this new stack. Keeping Kirby and PHP updated was a pain, and its costs outweighed its benefits for the simple blog I was trying to publish. Hugo is fast, easy, and after a few nights of setup, is simple to customize and update.