EagleWeather.com is the result of a few semesters worth of group and solo work for Software Engineering courses at University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Eagle Weather

I was responsible for launching the new version of the site. The old version was replaced due to its outdated design and use of Java and other non-mobile-friendly technologies. The new version was built from the ground up to be responsive and accessible on phones and tablets.

Although I was not behind the design or most of the structural code, I coded odds and ends, like the Current Conditions widget on the homepage, and weather alert banners that appear site-wide. These systems pull data from Weather Underground’s API, which uses data from Eagle Weather’s own weather stations using PHP scripts on a scheduled task.

The project is still in constant development from new Software Engineering students, and for several semesters, I continued to oversee major changes.


Eagle Weather was made with basic PHP and static pages, hosted on a shared web host provided by the client. A MySQL database is used to weather data tracked by the client’s weather tracking hardware.