For a Software Engineering project at University of Wisconsin-Parkside, I created JSP-based ticketing software for a local agricultural firm for use in their WebSphere intranet portal. This project was featured in the UWP Computer Science 2013 and 2014 showcases.

Developed to replace the client’s current ticket system, the portlet allows users to create, update and assign tickets of three different types (User, Link and Request). The interface is responsive and fully functional on mobile devices and tablets.

JSP Ticket Portlet


The project was developed over a few months using HTML5/CSS3, JQuery and JSP. During development, I used a Tomcat and MySQL stack, but upon implementation with WebSphere, the client will be using other database software and their existing single sign-on system.

The project is not publicly available. But feel free to contact me, I can spin up a Tomcat/MySQL instance if you really want to check it out.